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Rivalry Esports contributes significantly to the domain of esports betting. Founded in 2016, the aforementioned company has emerged as a pioneer by focusing exclusively on the domain of competitive video games. This venture has created a distinct niche by catering to individuals of age who wish to bet on esports competitions. With the passage of time, Rivalry has established itself as a vanguard in the industry, displaying its prowess by diversifying its portfolio to encompass over 18 esports titles. In June 2021, Rivalry successfully garnered a user base of 450,000, with subsequent reports indicating significant growth that crossed the 500,000 threshold.

The Rivalry platform has recently expanded with casino games, but you can also bet on classic sports as well. You can read about this and much more in our review.

Rivalry’s modus operandi regarding esports betting closely resembles that observed in traditional sports betting. Currently, individuals who have a keen interest in esports have the possibility to predict the outcomes of esports matches, thus simulating the act of placing bets on conventional sports competitions. League of Legends and DOTA 2, well-regarded games with a significant following, are among the top options that offer bettors the opportunity to participate in betting activities.

The platform is built on the main principle of being developed by individuals who actively engage in gaming with the aim of catering to other gaming enthusiasts, thus ensuring an accessible interface conducive to a pleasant user experience. Significantly, this platform offers competitive odds with special emphasis on Tier 1 leagues and tournaments. Moreover, Rivalry caters not only to esports aficionados but also to enthusiasts of classic sports disciplines such as the NBA, NHL and several others.







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Rivalry Games

At Rivalry, users have the opportunity to bet on both esports and traditional sports, as well as a variety of casino games. The platform supports betting on esports titles such as:

The esports available for betting may vary depending on the ongoing events and tournaments.

In addition to esports, Rivalry also features the casino.exe game package, which includes:

For a comprehensive list and more details about the games on Rivalry, it is recommended to visit the official website or the platform itself.

Rivalry League of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most revered esports games that has gained considerable popularity. LoL, an acronym for League of Legends, is widely known among people with at least a small interest in the gaming industry. It is one of the two prominent MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas) and originated from the intellectual contribution of Riot Games. Due to its considerable popularity and attention-grabbing appeal, League of Legends (LoL) has taken its rightful place on the Rivalry sports betting platform.

Just like in regular sports, interested people have the opportunity to bet on the outcome of League of Legends matches. Throughout the year, LoL organizes a number of competitions, both at the regional and international level.

Rivalry offers users a deeply engaging and immersive League of Legends (LoL) betting experience. The platform offers highly competitive odds with a focus on top-tier leagues and tournaments, which often feature elite-level League of Legends (LoL) competitions. Users who wish to work with this betting platform will find that it focuses primarily on user satisfaction.

Rivalry Aviator

The digital platform, Rivalry Aviator, has received considerable attention and acclaim since its inception.

The Aviator game combines the captivating aspects of a conventional casino-style game with the joy associated with aviation. People participate in a simulated game where they bet on a designated multiplier representing the critical point at which an air crash is predicted to occur. The main objective of the game participants is to strategically withdraw their acquired winnings at the most opportune moment, before an unfavorable incident such as a plane crash occurs, in order to maintain their financial gains.

The game interface is meticulously crafted and features a sophisticated and user-friendly design. This feature allows people, regardless of their level of proficiency, to get into the game effortlessly.

The main components of the game include:

The Aviator game, which incorporates monetary transactions, gained significant popularity and recognition.

Rivalry Aviator can be defined as an intriguing fusion of casino games and aviation. The game has gained a considerable audience of players due to its easy-to-use interface and the excitement that comes with betting at the right time.

Rivalry dota 2

Dota 2, a multiplayer online arena game (MOBA), was meticulously created and published by Valve Corporation.

Dota 2 features a competitive structure in which matches are played by two distinct teams, each consisting of five players. Each team establishes its individual stronghold on the game map and takes responsibility for protecting it.

The establishment of a collaborative partnership between Rivalry, a renowned sports betting company, and Blacklist International, a prominent esports organization from the Philippines, resulted in the creation of a joint venture known as Blacklist Rivalry, with the aim of venturing into the highly competitive domain of Dota 2. Blacklist Rivalry’s participation in the esteemed Dota 2 competition was facilitated by their attainment of a position in the Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit’s top division. This coveted spot was obtained from the eminent Singapore-based esports institution “RSG”.

The competitive team known as “Blacklist Rivalry” has been selected to participate in the upcoming 2023 Dota Pro Circuit season.

eSports betting

Rivalry is a eSports betting platform that offers users a wide range of betting opportunities on various eSports games and matches.

You can bet on eSports games such as:

Betting options can change depending on the games that are hot and major eSports competitions.

Rivalry offers several specialized betting options designed specifically for the eSports sector, replicating the offerings of traditional sports betting. Types of bets on Rivalry:

Match winner: Match winner selection involves betting on the team that is most likely to win the match. Map winner: The winner in some games, such as CS:GO, is determined by the results of matches on different maps. The player has the opportunity to bet on the winner of a specific map. Handicap Betting: Handicap betting involves introducing a handicap to mitigate an unfavorable outcome when one team has a significant advantage. Its purpose is to establish balance and fairness in the betting process. Tournament Winner: Bet on the winner of the tournament. The purpose of this bet is to predict the team that will be the final winner in a given tournament. Proposition Bets: also known as proposition bets, refer to discrete bets in which participants predict the quantitative outcome of certain events in a game, such as determining the number of kills a player will make or determining the team that will make the first kill.

Live betting Rivalry also offers in-play or live betting, allowing users to bet on matches as they happen. This provides dynamic odds that change according to what is happening in the game.

Sports betting

Although Revalry specializes in eSports, it is possible to bet on classic sports: soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis, baseball, etc.


What is Rivalry?

Rivalry is an online platform specializing in eSports betting, offering users the chance to bet on their favorite eSports teams and matches. The platform also includes traditional sports betting and unique casino games.

Which eSports games can I bet on using Rivalry?

Rivalry offers betting on popular eSports titles, including but not limited to League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike and Overwatch. The platform frequently updates its offers based on global eSports events and popular demand.

Is Rivalry safe and legit?

Yes, Rivalry is a licensed and regulated platform that ensures a safe and fair betting environment for its users. Always make sure to bet responsibly and to be aware of local regulations.

How do I place a bet on Rivalry?

After creating an account and depositing funds, navigate to the eSports section. Choose the specific game and match you want to bet on, select the bet type, enter the amount and confirm.

Can I watch live eSports matches on Rivalry?

Rivalry often offers live streams of major eSports events, allowing users to watch and bet in real time. Always check the platform for current live streams.

How do odds work in Rivalry for eSports?

Obds indicate the likelihood of an event happening and the potential return on a bet. Positive odds show the potential profit on a successful bet of $100, while negative odds show how much needs to be wagered to win $100.

What is the minimum deposit and bet amount at Rivalry?

Minimum deposit and bet amounts may vary depending on the payment method and specific bets. Always refer to the terms and conditions or customer support for detailed information.

How long does it take to withdraw my winnings?

Withdrawal time varies depending on the payment method used. Typically, e-wallet withdrawals are the fastest, while bank transfers can take longer.

Do I need to verify my identity on Rivalry?

Yes, for security reasons and in compliance with international regulations, Rivalry requires users to verify their identity before making withdrawals.

What should I do if I encounter a problem or have a question?

Rivalry offers customer support through various channels, including live chat, email, and a help center. Please contact them for assistance or further questions.


The burgeoning field of eSports betting, characterized by the convergence of a fervent interest in gaming and astute predictive capabilities, has quickly established its indispensable presence in the realm of eSports. Rivalry serves as an exemplification of this progressive development, consistently highlighting its superior skills and unwavering dedication to the community of eSports enthusiasts worldwide. Rivalry consistently surpasses the expected criteria for a contemporary eSports betting platform, reaching higher standards with its wide repertoire of games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. Moreover, the platform’s seamless betting interface further contributes to its commendable performance. As the eSports sector progresses and grows, it is evident that platforms like Rivalry will exert a substantial influence in shaping the prospective dynamics of eSports betting. The fusion of gaming fervor with betting enthusiasm ensures that Rivalry continues to occupy a prominent position in this booming sector, offering a reliable and stimulating ecosystem for both eSports enthusiasts and betting-inclined individuals.

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