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  • Rivalry offers various modes of communication such as chat, FAQs and social media, making it easy to communicate and get the help you need.
  • The presence on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok shows that the company stays relevant and seeks to attract a young audience.
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Rivalry Corporation, hereinafter referred to as “Rivalry”, operates as a globally regulated company encompassing sports betting and media activities. The corporation has demonstrated a fervent enthusiasm for novelty, which has led to the diversification of its services, most notably the introduction of a different casino. The recent launch of its technologically interactive casino platform, Casino. exe, in the province of Ontario represents a significant expansion in its product catalog. In addition to its participation in conventional sporting events, Rivalry has also made significant strides in the domain of esports betting, thus highlighting its dedication to promoting diversity and addressing a broad spectrum of target audiences. The company’s prosperity is evident in its remarkable financial results, characterized by substantial increases in revenue in recent periods, thus consolidating its position in the highly competitive betting and casino sector.







Rivalry Corp


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Visa Mastercard Bank Transfer Skrill Astropay Western Union Pago Efectivo Bitcoin


  • Rivalry offers various modes of communication such as chat, FAQs and social media, making it easy to communicate and get the help you need.
  • The presence on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok shows that the company stays relevant and seeks to attract a young audience.
  • The presence of a dedicated FAQ section suggests that the company actively responds to questions and issues that come up frequently.
  • Rivalry is predominantly a eSports platform, but it is also possible to bet on classic sports and casino games.


  • Very modest choice of payment methods on the platform and long processing time for crediting or withdrawing funds.
  • Very limited set of promotions and bonuses. At the moment, there is only one welcome offer with a promo code.
  • Rivalry does not have its own app for Android and IOS, and using the mobile version of the website is not always convenient, especially for new customers.
  • Long withdrawal process, which can take up to 5 days or more, or you may even need technical support.

Rivalry is reliable

A company known as Rivalry Corp. Commonly referred to as “Rivalry”, the discussed company operates as an international regulated media and sports betting organization.

Rivalry holds the following licenses:

Rivalry login

Rivalry is a well-known global betting platform that is widely recognized for its wide range of esports options, covering popular games such as Dota 2, League of Legends (LOL), Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), StarCraft II, among others. In addition to facilitating esports betting, the platform also offers betting opportunities on conventional sporting events such as soccer, rugby and boxing. This feature makes it adaptable and inclusive, appealing to a wider spectrum of users.

To start the account creation process on the Rivalry platform, you need to follow the procedural instructions outlined below:

It should be noted that similarly to various other gambling platforms, there may be a need to perform identity verification by presenting relevant documentation to ensure the protection and legitimacy of individuals using the platform. It is essential to always be aware of the terms and conditions of the relevant platform and engage in a responsible manner.

Rivalry website

Rivalry is an online platform for eSports betting that has seen a substantial rise in popularity since its inception.

The company Rivalry has emerged as a major player in the betting market, standing out for its focus on eSports. We have a short review on the major games on the platform, you can find out more about them here.

This platform is specifically designed for betting on electronic sports (cybersports), but it also incorporates conventional sports such as basketball, tennis, soccer, and several others.

The website interface has a high level of adaptability, which makes it easy to use. A good user interface, combined with an effective user experience, is essential for any online platform to ensure that visitors can navigate the website efficiently and access the desired features with ease.

Rivalry Betting

Rivalry is a eSports betting platform that offers users a wide range of betting opportunities on various eSports games and matches. More on eSports betting in this article.

You can bet on eSports games such as:

Betting options can change depending on the games that are hot and major eSports competitions.

Rivalry offers several specialized betting options designed specifically for the eSports sector, replicating the offerings of traditional sports betting. Types of bets on Rivalry:

Match winner: Match winner selection involves betting on the team that is most likely to win the match. Map winner: The winner in some games, such as CS:GO, is determined by the results of matches on different maps. The player has the opportunity to bet on the winner of a specific map. Handicap Betting: Handicap betting involves introducing a handicap to mitigate an unfavorable outcome when one team has a significant advantage. Its purpose is to establish balance and fairness in the betting process. Tournament Winner: Bet on the winner of the tournament. The purpose of this bet is to predict the team that will be the final winner in a given tournament. Proposition Bets: also known as proposition bets, refer to discrete bets in which participants predict the quantitative outcome of certain events in a game, such as determining the number of kills a player will make or determining the team that will make the first kill.

Live betting Rivalry also offers in-play or live betting, allowing users to bet on matches as they happen. This provides dynamic odds that change according to what is happening in the game.

Sports betting

Although Revalry specializes in eSports, it is possible to bet on classic sports: soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis, baseball, etc.

Casino.exe at Revalry

Rivalry Corporation, widely recognized for its sports betting services, has publicly unveiled the introduction of its digital casino offering, Casino. exe, aimed exclusively at the province of Ontario.

The gaming platform made its first appearance in the province of Ontario, encompassing a collection of eight casino games in total.

The Casino.exe software application was developed to serve as a virtual interface, allowing users to conveniently access a wide variety of third-party casino games from Rivalry in an engaging and interactive online environment. The platform in question was designed for the purpose of hosting games and facilitating an unparalleled gathering of games for Rivalry. The casino interface resembles a personal computer (PC), thus allowing players to actively participate in casino games in an interactive online environment.

Casino.exe is introducing several new titles including Penalty Shootout, Bomb Squad, Wheel of Time and Courier Sweeper to its repertoire of games. In addition to Aviator and Rushlane, the platform will incorporate games developed by third parties and Rivalry itself. In Ontario, people have the opportunity to participate in single-player table games, including popular options such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat, as well as multi-player alternatives and live dealers.

By offering a superior, immersive and exclusive experience, Casino. exe has effectively differentiated the Rivalry brand amidst an extremely competitive market.

Revalry Gaming

At Rivalry, users have the opportunity to bet on both esports and traditional sports, as well as a variety of casino games. The platform supports betting on esports titles such as:

The esports available for betting may vary depending on the ongoing events and tournaments.

In addition to esports, Rivalry also features the casino.exe game package, which includes:

For a comprehensive list and more details about the games on Rivalry, it is recommended to visit the official website or the platform itself.

Rivalry promo code

The brand is constantly attracting potential customers and rewarding its loyal customers with various promo codes. Rivalry promo codes not only encourage betting but also improve the overall betting experience. Whether you are an experienced bettor or a newbie, using a promo code can increase the overall satisfaction and benefit of your betting experience.

Rivalry, a well-known esports betting platform, offers esports betting enthusiasts the promo code “WELCOME100”. Customers, especially those residing in Peru, the Philippines and India, have the opportunity to use the promo code when registering at Rivalry and receive a deposit bonus equivalent to 100% of the initial deposit. To utilize this bonus, the Rivalry bonus code “WELCOME $100” must be entered. To take advantage of this incentive, the minimum deposit must be $15 and the maximum bonus amount is $100 or the equivalent amount in alternative currencies. In this case, the user has a period of 30 days to take advantage of this opportunity, ensuring that it is valid until the expiration date. In order to take advantage of the bonus, one must participate in real money wagering equal to or greater than at least five times the initial deposit amount.

The Urbanwear promo code is a promotional code offered by Rivalry. Currently, Rivalry Urbanwear is offering players a promo code called “FRENZY25”, which gives a remarkable 25% discount on selected items. In addition to the main code, additional codes - “TAKE10” and “FRENZY20” - have been introduced on the Rivalry platform as new discount coupons.

Rivalry bonus

Rivalry’s bonus program is characterized by its efficient and targeted approach, currently offering an extensive 100% welcome bonus for initial deposits, with a maximum limit of $100. Although the range of products offered is limited, they place great emphasis on providing high quality and value to their user base.

Rivalry welcome bonus

Rivalry offers an exclusive promotional code called “WELCOME100”. Customers who register with Rivalry, especially those located in Peru, the Philippines and India, have the opportunity to take advantage of a promotional code that entitles them to a deposit bonus equivalent to 100% when completing the registration process. Upon completion of the initial deposit, the bonus will be promptly added to the account and will therefore be available for use. The prescribed method of utilizing this bonus entails entering the Rivalry bonus code “WELCOME $100”. To avail this bonus, a minimum deposit of $15 is stipulated, while the user can get a maximum bonus amount of $100 or its equivalent in alternative currencies. Once the deposit is made, the bookmaker will immediately allocate a bonus equivalent to 100% of the deposit amount to the user’s account. However, the user has a period of 30 days to take advantage of the presented opportunity before it expires. To access the bonus, it is necessary to place bets with real currency that are equal to or greater than five times the original deposit amount. The condition stipulated to unlock the bonus requires placing real money bets with odds equal to or greater than 1.5. In the context of matched betting, it is imperative that the cumulative odds exceed or equal 1. 5 to unlock the cash bonus. There are several additional conditions that concern the use of this bonus:

Rivalry Coupon

Rivalry does not currently provide promotional coupons to its customers. Rivalry is an esports betting platform, and such platforms often update their promotional strategies over time. It is best to visit the official Rivalry website or contact customer service for the most up-to-date information on promotions, bonuses, and coupons.

Deposit methods at Rivalry

Rivalry offers a variety of methods for deposits. The precise deposit limits depend on the User’s verification level.

Unauthenticated Users have the opportunity to make deposits ranging from $15 to $100. According to the verification protocol, individuals who have been verified have the opportunity to make deposits in the range of $15 to $1,000. Enhanced account holders have the opportunity to make deposits ranging from a minimum of $15 to a maximum of $10,000.

Currently, Rivalry offers a variety of payment methods to deposit funds.

Individuals who show interest in making deposits or withdrawals on the platform are advised to ensure verification of their accounts in order to achieve expanded transaction limits and facilitate seamless processing of their transactions.

Rivalry withdrawal

Verified user status is required to ensure smooth withdrawal of funds. To start the withdrawal process, go to the specified webpage. Indicate the specific amount you wish to withdraw. Then choose the option that best suits your personal preferences from the options offered.

You should be precise when entering the payment details. To avoid possible complications, you should exclude any unusual symbols. The company encourages users to use the same method for withdrawals as they do for deposits. This not only helps to optimize the process but also increases security measures.

It is important to note that choosing a different withdrawal method than your chosen deposit method can result in significant delays. This is mainly due to the implementation of robust regulatory measures that have been put in place to protect both users and the integrity of our platform.

Rivalry minimum withdrawal

In accordance with established guidelines, it is recommended that withdrawals be made with a minimum amount of $15 or its equivalent in the game currency used in the user’s personal wallet.

In order to optimize the user experience, specific minimum limits have been set by certain jurisdictions. For example, the exchange rate for the Philippine peso is 750 PHP, while the Peruvian sol is 60 PEN and the Brazilian real is 60 BRL.

As a regulated betting platform, withdrawal limits are implemented according to the respective player levels. In the case of being enlisted as validated users, individuals will have a predetermined monthly limit of $2,000 (or the corresponding monetary value). In case of proficient users, this limit extends to $10,000 (or the corresponding currency equivalent) in a 30-day period.

For a comprehensive understanding of these limitations and user levels, we recommend consulting your Verification page.

How long does the Rivalry withdrawal take?

When a customer submits a withdrawal request, it will be placed in a queue for processing. Rivalry continuously strives to streamline this process.

Payment department specialists strive to comprehensively assess and complete the processing of the request within two business days. In case of security issues, the processing time may be extended. The efficiency of the transaction depends on the payment provider chosen after approval. While some are able to resolve the issue within 24 hours, others may take up to 3 working days. Please note that the payments department will immediately notify you by email once the request is completed. If everything goes as planned, your funds will be transferred. If there are any issues that cause the transaction not to be completed, we will immediately refund the funds to the player’s designated wallet.

In case the funds are not received within three business days, please contact Rivalry technical support.

Rivalry app

The Rivalry platform does not have a separate app for iOS or Android that can be downloaded from the app stores. Rivalry is a fully optimized mobile version of the website. This means that users will need to access the Rivalry website via their mobile browser. From there, they can create an account and start betting.

Rivalry support

The importance placed on customers by Rivalry is substantial, regardless of whether they are new customers or long-standing members of the community. In light of recognizing the heterogeneous needs and preferences among its customer base, Rivalry has actively instituted various channels through which individuals can engage and get support.

The live chat function offers individuals seeking instant feedback or encountering time-sensitive concerns the opportunity for direct, real-time communication. Customers have the opportunity to interact with Rivalry’s support team, ensuring a quick and efficient resolution of their queries.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section has been meticulously curated by Rivalry to address common questions and concerns. The purpose of this feature is to offer quick solutions to common queries, thereby decreasing the need for direct customer assistance in resolving well-known issues.

The contemporary age of technology and connectivity demands the importance of consistently engaging on social media platforms. Rivalry utilizes social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok as a means of advertising its offerings and sharing recent developments. In addition, these platforms serve as an alternative avenue to engage and support customers. These platforms offer customers the opportunity to maintain connectivity, receive updates and voice concerns in an informal and easily accessible setting.

Rivalry exemplifies its dedication to facilitating a cohesive and stimulating experience for all constituents of its community by providing a diverse range of communication mediums.

User reviews and comments

James Long
Rivalry has a decent platform design and some really interesting features. Although I encountered some issues with the system, the support team was responsive and resolved my issues promptly. I look forward to more updates and improvements.

3.9/5 ⭐

Reviewed by


Rivalry review 2024: eSports betting with 100% welcome bonus + promo code and casino games as well as classic sports betting.

3.9 / 5

Alice Howard
I have been using Rivalry for a few months now. The interface is easy to use and there are many features. However, I would like to have more diverse payment options. Overall, it's a solid platform for its purpose.

4.7/5 ⭐

Reviewed by


Rivalry review 2024: eSports betting with 100% welcome bonus + promo code and casino games as well as classic sports betting.

4.7 / 5

Christopher Sharp
Rivalry offers a competitive edge in the e-sports arena, and I appreciate the regular updates and improvements. There is room for improvement, especially in the FAQ section, but I believe they are on the right track.

4/5 ⭐

Reviewed by


Rivalry review 2024: eSports betting with 100% welcome bonus + promo code and casino games as well as classic sports betting.

4 / 5

Andrea Black
The platform has its strengths, especially the esports and betting area. However, I think they could benefit from more promotions and bonuses. Overall, the impressions are good, but there is always room to grow.

3.7/5 ⭐

Reviewed by


Rivalry review 2024: eSports betting with 100% welcome bonus + promo code and casino games as well as classic sports betting.

3.7 / 5


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What are the payment methods accepted by Rivalry?

Rivalry uses payment methods such as: Visa, Mastercard, AstroPay, Skrill, Bitcoin, Western Union, Effective Pay.

Are there any fees associated with making deposits or withdrawing funds?

The commission structure may vary depending on the chosen payment method. It is recommended that you read the terms and conditions on Rivalry's website or consult with the customer service team to understand the possible fees.

How long does it take for my deposit to be reflected in my partner account?

While some deposit methods are instant, others may take a little longer. The processing time depends very much on the payment method chosen.

Can I set limits for my deposits?

Rivalry offers functions for setting deposit limits for responsible gaming and spending. Usually, you can set them in your account settings or by contacting customer support.

I requested a withdrawal. How long will it take to receive my funds?

Withdrawal time may vary depending on the method used and possible verification processes. It is best to clarify the details with Rivalry's customer service or in their terms and conditions.

What communication and support channels does Rivalry offer?

Rivalry offers several channels, including: Live chat for instant communication Detailed frequently asked questions (FAQ) section Active presence on social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Does Rivalry have a special FAQ section on its platform?

Yes, Rivalry has an extensive FAQ section designed to answer users' most common questions and concerns.

What types of bonuses does Rivalry offer?

Rivalry only offers a welcome bonus (100% for initial deposits with a maximum limit of $100).

How to get a bonus at Rivalry?

To receive the bonus, you need to fulfill certain conditions, such as registering an account, making a deposit and entering a promo code. Always read the terms and conditions to understand the bonus process.

I have a promo code. Where can I enter it?

Promo codes are entered during the registration process or when you make a deposit. There is a special field to enter the code.

Are there any wagering requirements for the bonuses?

Many bonuses come with wagering requirements, which means that you need to wager a certain amount before you can withdraw the bonus or any winnings associated with it. Always check the bonus terms and conditions to know what the requirements are.

Can I withdraw my bonus immediately?

Unfortunately no, the bonus is subject to wagering requirements.

Why hasn't my bonus been credited to my account?

This could be due to various reasons, such as ineligibility, processing delays or system errors. For any questions, it is best to contact Rivalry's support team.

Do promo codes have an expiration date?

Yes, many promo codes have an expiration data after which they cannot be used. Always check the expiration data of a promo code before trying to use it.

Can I use more than one promo code at the same time?

Promo code usage policies vary from platform to platform. Some may allow the use of multiple codes at the same time, while others may not. Please check Rivalry's terms and conditions or contact support for clarification.


Rivalry, as a platform, stands out for its dedication to User experience and engagement. Its multi-faceted approach to customer support, coupled with an extensive digital footprint across multiple social media channels, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to accessibility and modernity. By seamlessly integrating user-friendly features and ensuring consistent communication, Rivalry has positioned itself as a reliable and forward-thinking platform in its domain. In conclusion, Rivalry’s comprehensive and adaptive strategies underline its reputation as a reliable, innovative and responsive platform for its users.

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