Which is the largest cricket stadium in the world

Cricket is a sport that is beloved by many around the world. Though it may not be as popular as some other sports, there are still die-hard fans who love nothing more than spending an afternoon watching a good game. For those cricket lovers out there, we have compiled a list of the largest cricket stadiums in the world. So whether you’re looking to plan a trip to see one of these giants or you’re just curious about where they are, read on!

The largest cricket stadium in the world is the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia

Australia is no stranger to cricket, and their enthusiasm for the sport is plain to see. Since its construction in 1853, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has served as an iconic venue for a variety of sporting events.

Today, it continues to be renowned as the largest cricket stadium in the world by seating capacity, with a staggering crowd capacity of more than 90,000 people. Despite its massive scale, however, the MCG has also managed to maintain its historical charm through daily tours that showcase some of its go-to viewing platforms such as the Great Southern Stand and Olympic Stand.

In addition to cricket matches and sport tournaments such as rugby and Australian football games, the MCG has hosted several rock concerts over the years, further establishing itself as one of Australia’s top cultural attractions. Standing erect and proud in downtown Richmond since 1853, Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground stands testament to Australia’s admiration and respect for cricket as a much-cherished national pastime.

The MCG can seat up to 100,024 people

With its immensity, it’s no wonder that the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has a seating capacity of 100,024 people. Referred to as “The G” or simply ’the MCG’, it is considered the greatest ground in Australia and one of the largest stadiums in the world.

Often used for cricket and Australian Rules Football matches, its hallowed turf was also once home to Olympic Baseball, Soccer, Archery and Lawn Bowls. With such a large capacity, The MCG has frequently been used for crowd gatherings and concerts, most notably hosting American sensation Taylor Swift in 2015.

Apart from sporting endeavours and entertainment spectacles it is also a space for people to just “hang out” One can enjoy watching footy on television with friends alongside enjoying snacks at its many eateries spread throughout the stadium.

Yet no matter what activity takes place on its 52-acre expanse of land within Yarra Park - its ability to observe up to 100,024 audience members never fails its faithful spectators. For this fact alone it continues to maintain its reputation as an iconic sports stadium unlike any other – providing endless memories for all who walk through its gates.

​ ​Forming an integral part of Melbourne’s culture; The MCG provides an atmosphere like no other. It is no surprise that it holds such an important role in both community events as well as peoples lounge rooms around the country – uniting us all in admiration of sportsmanship along with our beloved game - Aussie Rules football.

One thing is certain: Its roaring crowd will continue being heard from near and far - continuously surpassing expectations to seat up to 100,024 people wanting be apart of this majestic phenomenon! ​​​​​​​​​​ ​​Not only do we have so much respect for the structure itself but we are also grateful for all those who make The G such a beloved destination day after day - dedicated staff members included! The MCG stands strong ahead of thousands counting off their cheers – reminding us why size really does matter! ​​​ ​​​​Long may it reign as Australia’s greatest ground!​ ​​

The second largest cricket stadium is the Eden Gardens in Kolkata, India

Nestled in the heart of Kolkata, India is one of the largest cricket stadiums in the world: Eden Gardens. Home to many international and domestic cricket matches, it is the second largest stadium in terms of capacity, seating a maximum of 66,349 fans.

It was founded in 1864 and has since become an icon of the city, even being referred to as the ‘mecca’ of Indian cricket. Not only does it host events such as IPL matches and national team fixtures but also concerts by global music acts.

As if all this isn’t enough, Eden Gardens has its own museum which showcases traditional art celebrating past cricket stars and tournaments. A trip to Kolkata wouldn’t be complete without visiting this grand stadium, which offers enjoyment for everyone who visits regardless of their affinity towards cricket.

Truly a unique venue that boasts a perfect blend of history, entertainment and – most importantly – sports. In short, Eden Gardens offers something for every type of visitor - from an avid fan to someone looking for some culturally immersive activities!

The third largest cricket stadium is the Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad, India

Every cricket aficionado knows that the mecca for the sport is India. As such, it should come as no surprise that the third largest cricket stadium in the world is located in Ahmedabad.

With a capacity of over 54,000 spectators, the Sardar Patel Stadium offers an unforgettable experience for cricket lovers. On match days, you can expect to be wowed by the chants and cheers of an energetic crowd which fills the stands with its enthusiasm.

The stadium has hosted several significant international matches including two semifinal matches of the 2011 Cricket World Cup — one of which saw Indian win against their Pakistani counterparts. Furthermore, some of India’s most acclaimed domestic tournaments like Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and Ranji Trophy also take place in this esteemed venue on a regular basis.

It goes without saying that the Sardar Patel Stadium is an integral part of Indian cricketing history and heritage. Whenever you get a chance to visit Ahmedabad, make sure not to miss out on watching a live match at this record breaking stadium!

Other notable large cricket stadiums include the Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, England and the New Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa

Two of the most well-known large cricket stadiums in the world are located thousands of miles apart but are just as iconic. On one side of the world stands lords Cricket Ground in London, England.

Since its opening in 1814 it has become a shining example of cricket history with many pivotal matches taking place inside its storied walls. Steeped in tradition and always brimming with passionate fans, Lords’ is undoubtedly one of the great cricketing behemoths.

On the other side at least 6,000 miles away is the New Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa which has been around since 1956. It’s fondly remembered for hosting some tense international games between sides like Australia and India, as well as some South African classics over the years.

With waves upon waves of enthusiastic supporters filling up each matchday, The Wanderers stadium draws comparison with lord’s on a smaller scale and rightfully deserves to be noted among those few legendary cricket stadia. All these testaments of the sport’s glorious history show us there are indeed many premier grounds that not only make playing cricket easier but also unforgettable experiences for tens and hundreds of thousands over many decades.


Cricket is a beloved sport all over the world, and the stadiums that host these games are some of the largest in existence.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia takes the top spot as the largest cricket stadium in the world, with a seating capacity of 100,024 people.

India has several large cricket stadiums, with two taking spots 2 and 3 on this list.

The Eden Gardens in Kolkata can seat up to 66,000 spectators, while Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad can accommodate 54,000 fans.

Other notable large cricket stadiums include Lord’s Cricket Ground in London (which seats 28,000 people) and New Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg (which accommodates 52,000 spectators).

Whether you’re a cricket fan or not, it’s fascinating to see how these massive stadiums come to life for major sporting events!

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