Who is the captain of indian cricket team

Who is the captain of Indian cricket team? Nobody knows for sure. The current captain, Virat Kohli, was appointed in 2014 after the retirement of MS Dhoni. However, there have been many rumors and speculation about who will be the next captain. Some believe that Rohit Sharma will take over, while others think that Ravi Shastri will be the one to lead the team. Only time will tell who is the rightful captain of Indian cricket team. Stay tuned to find out!

The current captain of the Indian cricket team is Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the current captain of the Indian cricket team, and has been leading the squad since taking over from his predecessor in 2013. A right-handed batsman and regarded as one of the finest batsmen in modern cricket history, he captained India to victory against South Africa in 2015 and 2019 respectively. During his tenure, Kohli scored six centuries, including a double century against Australia in 2020.

His batting average increases substantially when captaining – an incredible 629, triple that of any other international captain over the same period. In addition, Kohli’s captaincy won India’s their first series win against England on English soil for 28 years.

This achievement was so massive that it earned him a nomination for the prestigious Sir Garfield Sobers trophy for his outstanding achievements as a cricketer across all formats of international cricket.

Thus it can be said without doubt that Virat Kohli is an invaluable asset to Indian cricket who has achieved great success under his leadership. He is sure to take India to new heights if he continues playing at this level!

He has been the captain since 2014

When the team chose him as their captain in 2014, no one expected that he would stay in that role for this long. He was just an average player back then and his leadership skills were largely untested.

But despite these initial doubts, he has since proven himself to be a capable leader who knows how to bring out the best in his teammates. His cool-headedness under pressure has given him a reputation for being unflappable, able to make difficult decisions swiftly and with confidence when the time calls for it.

His commitment to the cause shows in everything he does; from studying opposition teams’ tactics and strategies during training, to reassuring any players seeking personal advice before matchday. Even when things don’t go according to plan on the field, his attitude remains positive – always encouraging players and never scapegoating them.

To many people’s surprise, he is still leading this same team today – almost 7 years later. Few captains ever stay with a team in such an enduring capacity; testament to his ability as both a leader and a player.

He is a right-handed batsman and occasional right-arm medium pace bowler

Joe Smith is a right-handed batsman and an occasional right-arm medium pace bowler who is making waves on the cricket field. He joined the team in 2011 and quickly made a name for himself with his near perfect batting technique and steady bowling form.

Joe’s ability to hit boundaries, stays true to the cricketing fundamentals and handle pressure situations makes him an invaluable asset to his side. His impressive statistics speak for themselves - he has notched up over 3000 runs in 51 ODIs at an average of over 50, differentiating himself from others in his team.

Furthermore, Joe is also quite competent with the ball, taking 31 wickets so far in his career at 25 runs apiece - a testament to his exceptional bowling skills. It’s no wonder then that he is often asked to lead from the front when it comes to crucial matches against fierce opponents - and it’s safe to say that he does not disappoint.

Joe Smith truly is one of the most talented players currently playing for his team!

Under his captaincy, India has won several tournaments including the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019

Ever since Mahendra Singh Dhoni took over the Indian national cricket team’s captaincy in 2007, India has seen immense success on the world stage. Over the years, Dhoni’s leadership, tactical acumen and unwavering resilience have been a major factor in India’s successes.

Perhaps his greatest achievement as India’s skipper was winning the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011. He maintained his composure throughout crunch moments in nail-biting matches, and walked away with one of the sport’s biggest prizes that day.

But Dhoni didn’t stop there - India also went on to win Champions Trophy titles twice while he captained them, an Asia Cup title in 2016 and a Nidahas Trophy win in 2018. These victories prove that Dhoni has achieved unparalleled success for Team India and earned himself a place amongst cricket royalty.

No wonder then that time and time again he has demonstrated why his name is etched firmly into Indian cricket history. Under his captaincy it looks like Team India will continue to remain a formidable force on the cricket field for years to come.

He is considered one of the best batsmen in the world and has received many awards for his batting prowess

Sachin Tendulkar’s accomplishments as a batsman in professional cricket are legendary. He is considered one of the best batsmen in the world and has been awarded Time Magazine’s Indian of the Year, Wisden Leading Cricketer of the Year, and five ESPN Star Awards for his incredible talents.

Sachin was first introduced to the world of cricket at age 11 and rapidly gained proficiency with his batting skills. His success, however, stemmed from more than natural talent; he also practiced diligently, every day striving to discover ways to enhance his sprinting capabilities.

As a result, Sachin emerged as an unparalleled force in world cricket and continues to be one of its most recognizable figures. With more than 30,000 international runs and 48 centuries over his 24-year career, Sachin stands alone at the pinnacle of the game for sheer batting brilliance.

Thanks to this iconic ball-player who put India firmly on the map as a major international contributor in sports, cricket fans around the world continue to experience plenty of excitement from one extraordinary match after another. Unquestionably, India has much to be proud of when celebrating Sachin’s impressive batting accomplishments – ones that will be revered by all future generations of cricket admirers alike.

In 2018, he was ranked as the world’s top cricketer by the International Cricket Council (ICC)

In 2018, Indian batsman Virat Kohli was crowned the world’s top cricketer by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Since his debut for India at the age of 19 in 2008, Virat has put together an impressive CV including over 20 international centuries, more than 5000 runs and a batting average of 43.3. His quick scoring and tenacity on the field have earned him the respect of some of cricket’s greats and made him one of the most sought-after players in the world.

This past year he hit mainstream success as his batting average skyrocketed to 56.2 with 11 centuries and 7 half-centuries across all formats. He is also remembered for his leadership skills during India’s successful test series against Australia.

All these feats clearly demonstrate why Virat Kotli was honored as the ICC Player of The Year in 2018, cementing his place amongst cricket’s elite players.


Virat Kohli is the current captain of the Indian cricket team and one of the best batsmen in the world.

He has led India to many victories, including the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019.

Kohli is known for his aggressive batting style and his passion for the sport.

He has received many awards for his achievements on the cricket field, and he is considered one of the most talented players in history.

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