What is a Hat Trick in Soccer?

What is a Hat Trick in Soccer?

A hat trick in soccer is a significant accomplishment - it refers to when a single player scores three goals in one game. Achieving a hat trick is a rare feat, as scoring just one goal in a game is considered a success for a striker. Here is some more background on what constitutes a hat trick in soccer:

So in summary, a hat trick in soccer is when a single player scores three goals in one match, regardless of how they are scored or at what point in the game. It’s a tremendous accomplishment that highlights a player’s world-class scoring skills.

The Hat Trick: A History of the Phrase

Origins in Cricket

The term “hat trick” originated in cricket in 1858 when H.H. Stephenson took three wickets with three consecutive balls. Fans took up a collection to buy him a hat to honor the feat.

Adoption By Other Sports

The term was later adopted by soccer to refer to a player scoring three goals in one game. Hockey also uses “hat trick” to describe a player scoring three goals in a single game.

Tradition of Throwing Hats

The tradition of fans throwing hats or caps onto the field after a player scored a hat trick developed as a callback to the origins of honoring the cricket feat by buying Stephenson a new hat. In hockey, it is customary for fans to toss hats onto the ice after a player scores three goals.

Lasting Legacy

While the term has expanded beyond cricket, the phrase “hat trick” will forever be linked to its origins within that sport in 1858. H.H. Stephenson’s impressive bowling performance gave us this popular sports phrase that is still used over 160 years later to highlight an outstanding individual accomplishment in a single game.

The Perfect Hat Trick: A Showcase of Versatile Goalscoring

A Rare Feat of Versatility

Scoring three goals (a hat trick) in a single soccer match is an impressive feat on its own. But even more remarkable is accomplishing the “perfect hat trick” - scoring one goal each with the left foot, right foot, and head. This showcases a wider range of finishing technique and versatility that is rare even among the top goalscorers.

Showcasing Ambidexterity, Coordination, and Aerial Ability

A perfect hat trick demonstrates a player’s ambidexterity, coordination, and aerial ability. Scoring with both feet requires being comfortable using each one in pressure situations. Heading in a goal needs timing, power, and accuracy. Doing all three in the same match displays the mark of a well-rounded and multidimensional goalscorer.

The Rarity of a Perfect Hat Trick

While traditional hat tricks happen every season, the perfect version is a much rarer gem. Some of the game’s greatest players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have pulled it off, further cementing their iconic status. But it’s an achievement that eludes most players during their entire careers.

A Special Moment in Soccer

When a perfect hat trick does happen, it’s a special moment worthy of recognition and celebration. The scorer can hold their head high knowing they’ve showcased the full extent of their offensive skills in breathtaking fashion. For any fan, watching a player seamlessly score three diverse goals is nothing short of soccer magic.

The Prestige and Significance

The perfect hat trick has an aura of prestige in soccer because it encapsulates versatility, technique, and mastery of multiple forms of finishing. Any player who manages to score one captures a unique slice of history and adds an impressive highlight to their career. It’s a feat that won’t be forgotten by the player, fans, or record books anytime soon.

Notable Hat Trick Records

Pele: The Legend With 92 Career Hat Tricks

Brazilian legend Pele is the holder of the record for most career hat tricks with 92 over the course of his illustrious career. He was a phenomenal goal scorer who terrorized defenses in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Pele’s vision, technical ability and finishing skills enabled him to notch hat tricks against top-level opponents regularly. His record of 92 hat tricks is a testament to his consistent world-class play over two decades.

Tommy Ross: The Fastest Hat Trick in 90 Seconds

In 1964, Scottish striker Tommy Ross of Ross County scored the fastest hat trick in history when he netted three goals in 90 seconds against Nairn County. After scoring in the 87th minute, Ross rapidly added two more goals in the 88th and 89th minutes. The three goals in under two minutes shattered the previous record and demonstrated Ross’s composed finishing in front of goal. The incredibly quick hat trick shows how quickly a game can change with clinical goal-scoring.

Alan Shearer: Premier League Hat Trick King with 11

Legendary English striker Alan Shearer has notched the most Premier League hat tricks with 11 over the course of his career. His brilliant goal-poaching with Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United made him the Premier League’s all-time leading scorer. Shearer used his physicality, aerial prowess and potent striking ability to claim hat tricks against the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea. His record highlights the consistent world-class play that made him one of the Premier League’s greatest ever players.

In soccer, a hat trick is one of the greatest accomplishments a player can achieve. These remarkable hat trick feats by Pele, Tommy Ross and Alan Shearer deserve recognition as some of the most impressive in soccer history. Their goal-scoring records reflect the outstanding attacking talent they possessed during their playing careers.

Why Called a “Hat Trick”? - The Curious History Behind the Term “Hat Trick”

The Origin in Cricket

The phrase “hat trick” is commonly used in sports to describe when a player achieves three of something in a single game. For example, when a player scores three goals in a soccer or hockey game, it’s referred to as a “hat trick.” But where does this peculiar term come from?

The origins of the phrase can be traced back to cricket in 1858. English cricketer H.H. Stephenson took three wickets with three consecutive deliveries in a match, a very rare feat. As a reward for his accomplishment, fans collected money to present Stephenson with a hat bought specifically for the occasion. Thus was born the idea of giving out hats as prizes for three-of-a-kind feats.

Adoption by Other Sports

The term caught on in other sports over time. By the early 20th century “hat trick” was being used in soccer to describe a player scoring three goals in one game. From there it spread to hockey, where scoring three goals in one game is still called a hat trick today.

Lasting Legacy

While the tradition of literally awarding hats for three-of-a-kind accomplishments has faded away, the expression lives on. Thanks to one special cricket match and the fans who wanted to reward their player’s outstanding achievement, “hat trick” is now firmly embedded in the lexicon of sports. So next time you hear the phrase, you’ll know it originated from the presentation of a very special hat to H.H. Stephenson over 160 years ago!


The hat trick is one of soccer’s most exciting and prestigious accomplishments. Since its origins in 19th century cricket, the phrase has become deeply ingrained in soccer terminology and culture. While traditional hat tricks demonstrate excellent goal-scoring prowess, the rare “perfect” hat trick showcases a wider range of finishing ability. Players like Pele, Ross, and Shearer have cemented their legacies with record-breaking hat tricks over the years. Though challenging to achieve, the hat trick encapsulates soccer at its most thrilling: A single player at the peak of their powers, scoring goals in bunches against the opposition. When a player manages this rare feat, it becomes permanently etched in the record books as a memorable moment in soccer history.

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