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Lord of Heroes: The Korean-Style Role-Playing Game

Numerous game titles that you can play on mobile and of course with different gameplay. But there are many cases where the gameplay offered by a franchise is not much different from other franchises. But that does not mean they are all the same, if likened to a tree, they have the same type of root but produce different wood, leaves, flowers, and fruit. Therefore, many of the games that you can play on mobile have several characteristics. Then what about the game that we will discuss this time?

Character Customization

In Lord of Heroes, players will take on the role of Lord, a king in a small kingdom at the northern tip of the western continent called Avillon. Just like many traditional role-playing games, players have the freedom to set how they look in the game they play, from hairstyle, hair color, eye color, and gender. But unfortunately, the options that we have here are quite limited, so we don’t have the flexibility to design characters in the game.


After finishing with character customization, players will face a tutorial that serves to introduce the game to players and is also useful as the foundation of the story and plot. The tutorial will contain various things that players need to know before actually starting to play, one of which is an introduction to the crucial gameplay. Many terms will be introduced here and will help you in playing. Like most games in general, the tutorial is easy to complete as long as the player follows the instructions.

Knights: The Recruitable Characters

In addition to players who play the main character as kings, the knights are the pillars of the military here. There are many knights that players can recruit in various ways, one of which is using various in-game currencies, completing certain levels, and using real-world currency. After the tutorial, you will be introduced to your starter knights. There are three knights with you during the tutorial; Johan Talede, Charlotte Grace, and Fram Berge. Mu, one of the characters who fought in the tutorial with you still doesn’t have a clear status whether he is part of your knight or not.

You can also upgrade Knights to add various numeral stats that will help you when fighting. There are many methods to increase these numeral stats such as equipping them with various kinds of equipment, using items to level them up, and giving them various accessories that you can get. It’s true, even knights can be player customized at will, but the items needed are a little hard to get and the freedom of customization is not as good as the main character.

There are many characters that you can recruit as knights and from these characters, they have different variations depending on the elements they have such as fire, water, earth, light, and darkness. Each character that has different elements also has different skills. The class system also accompanies knights such as healer, striker, warrior, guardian, and sniper. Each class has a different role and the equipment that players give a knight has a synergy with the class they have. With the right combination of elements, classes, and skills, you can complete the challenges. Knights are the essence of Lord of Heroes.


The story begins during the tutorial after the main character ascends the throne to become king. Not long after that, a count came to the throne room. He asked the main character to step down from the throne because he felt the main character. This incident ends in rebellion and this is where the story begins. After the events in the tutorial, the main character and the knights go on an adventure to find out who is the mastermind of the rebellion. Campaign mode is divided into three stages of difficulty, namely normal, hard, and extreme. The plot will become more intense as the difficulty level increases. That’s why the strategy will be needed more and more every time the player advances to the next difficulty level. When it comes to extreme mode, the difficulty is at its peak where it takes patience as well as a compatible knight line-up for each level.

An adventure wrapped in a very entertaining story makes Lord of Heroes worth playing. In addition to the knight system which has many variations and cinematic cutscenes that spoil the eye with 3D quality, the story and plot will make you curious and amazed. The straightforward writing is also the main attraction of Lord of Heroes. Are you interested in playing it? Lord of Heroes is now available on iOS and Android.