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The Aviator game was released in 2019 by developer Spribe and quickly gained popularity among online casino players. It is offered on the 1win online gambling platform, giving players another exciting game option alongside more traditional casino games like slots and table games.

Aviator stands out for its unique aviation-themed gameplay. Players bet on the flight of a plane and try to cash out before the plane disappears. The odds start low but increase exponentially with each passing second, allowing for massive potential payouts. This high-risk, high-reward format creates an exhilarating player experience.

Overall, Aviator combines elements of skill and luck in a fast-paced, engaging game. Its aviation theme and expanding odds add to the excitement and help explain why Aviator has become a hit at 1win India.

Provider Spribe
Theme Military
RTP 97%
Minimum Bet 100
Free Spins NO
Reels -
Highest Win 100
Paylines -







MFI investments limited


Government of Curacao


Nicosia, Cyprus


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Astropay Visa Mastercard Qiwi Google Pay Apple Pay Bitcoin Ethereum Tether Skrill Paytm Payeer Pix Fk Wallet WebMoney MuchBetter JCB Discover Interac
Category Fact
Game Overview - Casino-style online game created by Spribe in 2019
- Features a plane with increasing odds that players bet on
- Plane takes off and players must cash out bet before plane disappears
Gameplay - Players register at online casino and deposit real money
- Place bet(s) before plane takes off, up to 10 seconds to bet
- Cash out bet by clicking button before plane disappears
- Payout is bet amount multiplied by odds at cash out
- Can place multiple bets to increase potential payout
Features - In-game chat allows players to communicate in real time
- Live bet statistics show info on current bets and winnings
- Leaderboard displays rankings of top winners
- Rain promo feature adds free bets to chat
- Auto-cash out automatically pays out bets at set multiplier
Odds and Payouts - Odds increase from 1x up to 1,000,000x
- Minimum bet around ₹83 to ₹830
- Maximum bet ₹8,300 to ₹8,30,000
- Maximum payout up to 1,000,000x bet amount
Game Results - Results provably fair using random number generator
- Return to player (RTP) around 97%
Availability - Widely available at licensed online casinos
- Accessible on desktop and mobile devices

Casino-style game featuring a plane with increasing odds

The Aviator game features a cartoon plane that takes off at the start of each round. Players must then try to cash out their bets before the plane flies too far and disappears from view.

This creates a variable betting time limit for each round. At first, the plane moves slowly across the screen, giving players more time to potentially cash out winnings. But the plane gradually picks up speed, forcing players to cash out faster as the odds increase.

During each round, the odds expand exponentially from 1x up to an astounding 1,000,000x the original wager. So if a player bets 83 rupees, they could potentially cash out with 83,00,000 rupees if the odds hit 1,000,000x before the plane disappears. However, the further the plane flies, the greater the risk of a sudden crash that eliminates all bets.

This dynamic creates the exciting risk-reward element at the core of Aviator. The increasing odds tempt players to keep betting longer for a massive payout. But holding on too long could result in losing the entire wager if the plane crashes. Players must cash out at precisely the right time to lock in the highest possible winning multiplier.

So while based on chance, Aviator also requires skill and strategy. This blend of casino gambling and active decision-making gives the game unique appeal compared to classic table games or slots that depend purely on luck.

Plane takes off and players must cash out bet before plane disappears

Each Aviator round features the same straightforward process and objective:

The goal is to properly time the cash out to lock in the highest possible multiplier. This requires balancing the risk of a sudden crash against the potential reward of an even bigger payout. Aviator’s simplicity combined with exponentially increasing odds creates an adrenaline-filled player experience round after round.

Odds increase from 1x up to 1,000,000x

The exponential increase in odds is what gives Aviator its escalating excitement and massive payout potential.

At the start of each round, the multiplier is set at 1x. This means if a player bets 83 rupees and immediately cashes out, they recoup their 83 rupees wager without any winnings.

But the 1x multiplier starts increasing exponentially after just a few seconds of flight time. The odds steadily go up, displayed on a multiplier bar - 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 100x, and so on.

The longer players allow the plane to fly without crashing, the higher the odds climb. Eventually the multiplier can reach staggering heights like 10,000x, 100,000x, or even the maximum of 1,000,000x!

This means a player who bets ₹83 and cashes out at 1,000,000x will win their bet back plus a massive ₹83,00,000 prize. While the chances of reaching such a high multiplier are slim, it remains possible on any given flight.

The most common multipliers landed by players are in the 5x to 100x range. But part of the thrill is knowing any round could produce an exponentially high payout if everything times out perfectly. The ceiling of 1,000,000x creates the possibility of life-changing winnings from a small original wager.

Results are provably fair using random number generator

An important aspect that sets Aviator apart from some other gambling games is the provably fair system used to generate random game results. Players can verify the integrity of each outcome, giving the game trust and credibility.

The moment when the Aviator plane “crashes” is determined by a random number generator (RNG). This is a computational program that churns out a random string of numbers that cannot be predicted or manipulated in any way.

By tying the plane crash to a securely generated random number, the results boil down to pure chance. No one can know if the plane will go down on the next second or fly all the way to 1,000,000x. This ensures provably fair results.

1win allows players to view the RNG seed used for the crash point on each flight. Players can input this seed into a hash generator to verify it matches up with the crash point displayed during that round. This provides public proof that the game outcomes are truly random.

So while Aviator depends heavily on luck, players can trust that the results are fair thanks to the proven RNG system. The crash point is not rigged to favor the house in any way. This gives players peace of mind that if they time their cash out well, they have a legitimate chance of winning.

Accessible on desktop and mobile

One appealing aspect of playing Aviator through 1win is that the game is easily accessible across devices. Players can enjoy Aviator on desktop and mobile, allowing them to play from anywhere.

On desktop, players simply need to visit 1win’s website in their internet browser of choice to start a session. The graphics and gameplay are optimized for desktop screens. Some players prefer the large screen real estate of a desktop or laptop for keeping track of the increasing multipliers.

1win also offers iOS and Android apps that provide the full experience optimized for mobile. The app allows playing Aviator on smartphones or tablets while on the go. The graphics and controls are designed conveniently for tapping and swiping on smaller touchscreens.

So no matter if playing from a computer, phone, or tablet, bettors can access Aviator with ease. The flexibility to switch between desktop and mobile allows players to enjoy the game however it suits them best in the moment. Wherever they are, the thrill of Aviator is just a few taps away.

Offers features like in-game chat and live statistics

While the plane flight itself makes up the core game, Aviator also contains some additional features to enhance the social and strategic elements.

One popular feature is the in-game chat function. This allows players to chat in real-time with others also playing Aviator during that session. The chat creates a sense of community and allows discussing strategy. Some players enjoy cheering big wins and consoling losses together in the chat window.

Aviator also provides live statistics showing the results of recent game rounds. This includes data like the average multiplier, biggest wins, total bets, and crash point distribution. Analyzing these stats can uncover trends to inform strategy. Players may adjust their risk tolerance based on statistics showing the planes are crashing early or late during the current session.

For players who enjoy a more social and data-driven experience, these extras help build engagement with the Aviator community. The chat and stats give context around the core game itself.

In summary, Aviator has become a popular online casino game thanks to its unique aviation theme and exponentially increasing odds format. Players try to cash out bets on a flying plane before it crashes, with multipliers rising from 1x up to 1,000,000x. Provably fair results and optimized gameplay across desktop and mobile help explain Aviator’s appeal. Added features like chat and statistics further enhance the experience. Aviator’s combination of simplicity, soaring excitement, and big payout potential makes it a natural fit for 1win’s extensive online gambling platform. Looking ahead, Aviator’s star should continue rising in the world of online casino games.

How to Play Aviator in 1win India

Register at an online casino offering Aviator

The first step to playing Aviator is to register an account at an online casino that offers the game. 1win is one such casino that provides Aviator for real money betting.

To register at 1win, go to the 1win website and click on the “Registration” button. You’ll need to provide some basic personal information like your name, email address, date of birth, and phone number. You’ll also need to create a username and password for your account.

The registration process only takes a couple of minutes. Once your account is registered, you can deposit funds to begin playing Aviator.

Make a real money deposit

In order to place real money bets on Aviator, you’ll need to deposit funds into your 1win account. The casino offers several convenient banking options for deposits and withdrawals.

On the 1win banking page, you can choose to deposit via credit/debit cards, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, or other methods like instant banking. The minimum deposit amount can vary but is generally around ₹830 INR or equivalent.

Deposits are processed instantly and the funds will be credited to your 1win account right away. This allows you to start playing Aviator as soon as the deposit goes through.

Place bet(s) before plane takes off

Once you have real money funds in your 1win account, you can start placing bets on Aviator. The Aviator game interface shows an airplane steadily rising into the sky.

To place a bet, you first choose your stake amount by clicking the chip denominations at the bottom. You can bet as little as ₹41 per round. With your stake selected, click the ‘Place Bet’ button to confirm your wager.

You can place as many individual bets per round as you like. All bets must be placed before the plane takes off at the start of the round. Once the plane starts rising, no more bets can be placed.

Cash out bet by clicking button before plane disappears

As soon as the Aviator plane takes off, the odds will start increasing. The odds represent the multiplier that will be applied to your bet if you cash out successfully.

At any point during the round, you can click the ‘Cash Out’ button to settle your bet. This will lock in the odds at that moment and multiply your stake by that amount. You must cash out before the plane reaches the top and disappears off the screen.

The longer you allow your bet to ride before cashing out, the higher potential return but greater risk. Most rounds end between odds of 1.5x to 3x but can go higher if you’re lucky. Finding the right balance is the skill in Aviator.

Payout is bet amount multiplied by odds at cash out

When you click ‘Cash Out’, your payout for that bet is calculated by multiplying your original stake by the odds at which you cashed out.

For example, if you bet ₹83 and cash out when the odds reach 2.15x, your payout would be ₹83 x 2.15 = ₹178.45. Had you waited longer until 2.80x, the payout would be ₹232.40.

The maximum possible payout per round caps at 1000x your bet amount. You can win big with Aviator if you cash out at the right time when odds are high.

Can place multiple bets to increase potential payout

A great strategy with Aviator is to place multiple individual bets per round. This allows you to cash different bets out at different times.

For instance, you could place three separate ₹83 bets then cash out one at 2x, one at 5x, and allow the last one to keep rising. Having multiple bets gives you more chances to lock in bigger payouts each round.

In Aviator, you’re not limited to how many bets you can place. Just remember that the more bets active, the more you stand to potentially win or lose per round. Placing several smaller bets can be effective for controlling risk.

This covers the basics of how to play Aviator at 1win. With its exciting plane theme and simple betting, it provides an enjoyable experience for casino players. Just register an account, make a deposit, and start placing bets on Aviator soon. With the right strategy, you can score big cash payouts.

Key Features of Aviator in 1win India

In-game Chat Allows Players to Communicate

One of the most unique features of Aviator in 1win is the in-game chat system that allows players to communicate with each other. This creates a social atmosphere that you don’t find in many other online casino games. Players can chat about their bets, winning strategies, and anything else related to the game.

The chat box is located right next to the main game interface, so it’s easy to participate in conversations while still paying attention to your bets. You can minimize or maximize the chat as needed.

Conversing with other players makes the game more exciting. You can root for others when the bet multiplier gets high, or comfort them after a losses. The community adds a supportive element.

Some key things to know about the Aviator chat feature:

Overall, the in-game chat feature allows Aviator players to share the emotional highs and lows of gameplay together, making for a more exciting experience. It’s a great way to meet fellow betting enthusiasts from around the world right within 1win.

Live Statistics Show Info on Bets, Wins, and Losses

Another useful feature in the 1win Aviator game is the live stats that are displayed in real-time as you play. These statistics give you insight into key metrics like:

The stats interface appears below the main game window. The numbers update instantaneously with each new bet you place. This gives you a dashboard-like overview of how your Aviator session is going.

Some key details on the live stats:

Having quick access to live statistics allows Aviator players to make informed betting decisions. You can adjust your strategy based on the stats. For instance, if you have a long losing streak, you may decide to bet more conservatively. The numbers provide insights you would not have otherwise.

Leaderboard Displays Rankings of Top Winners

For some friendly competition, Aviator in 1win has a leaderboard that showcases top winners. This leaderboard ranks players based on how much they have won during gameplay. It resets weekly to give everyone a fair shot at reaching #1.

The leaderboard typically displays the top 10-20 winners for the current period. You can scroll down to see more rankings. Next to each player is the amount they have won, along with avatar.

Some key things about the leaderboard feature:

In addition to cash prizes, having your name appear on the leaderboard gives you bragging rights. It allows you to compete with Aviator enthusiasts around the world. The feature adds another fun layer of excitement to the 1win betting experience.

Rain Promo Feature Adds Free Bets to Chat

The Aviator game in 1win occasionally treats players to a “rain” promo, where free bets sporadically appear in the chatbox. This fun feature creates anticipation and rewards active chat participants.

Here is how the rain promo works:

This creates an exciting rush of activity in the chat, as players compete to claim bets before the rain stops. It’s a fast-paced scramble.

Some tips for making use of rain promos:

The rain promo is a fun way 1win engages the Aviator community and rewards active chat users. Taking advantage can give your balance a nice lift!

Auto-Cash Out Automatically Pays Out Bets at Set Multiplier

While Aviator is a game of chance, you can use the auto-cash out feature to guarantee some winnings. This lets you set a multiplier threshold where your bet will automatically payout before the round ends.

Here is how it works:

For example, if you bet ₹83 with 5x auto-cash out, you would win ₹415 as soon as the multiplier hits 5x. This happens regardless of how long the round continues for.

Key advantage of using auto-cash out:

The ideal auto-cash multiplier depends on your risk tolerance. A lower 2-3x ensures you profit but limits potential win size. At 10x you can win big but risk losing if the bet ends before hitting 10x. Most players select 4-6x for a balanced approach.

Experiment to see what auto-cash strategy works best for your Aviator gameplay. Just remember to enable it before placing bets where you want guaranteed payouts.

These are the most notable features that make Aviator in 1win an exciting social gaming experience. From chat interactions to real-time stats and leaderboards, you get more than just a simple betting game. The additional elements create a lively community full of friendly competition.

Trying out the unique options like rain promos and auto-cash out adds variety to your gameplay. You can develop strategies using the live data available. The more you explore, the more fun avenues you will find for engaging with fellow Aviator enthusiasts from around the globe right within 1win.

Strategies and Tips Aviator in 1win India

Aviator is a crash-style gambling game available on many online betting platforms like 1win. The game involves predicting when a plane on the screen will “crash” by betting on the multiplier at which you think it will stop. The longer the plane stays in the air, the higher your potential payout. However, predicting the crash point accurately requires skill and strategy. Here are some useful tips and strategies for getting the most out of Aviator on 1win:

Use demo mode to practice before betting real money

1win allows you to play Aviator for free in “demo mode” with virtual funds. Take advantage of this to get a feel for the game mechanics and learn the multiplier patterns without risking real cash. Pay attention to how high the multipliers typically go before a crash and try to detect any repeatable patterns. Demos let you develop experience that will help make better bets when playing for real stakes.

Start with smaller bets to manage bankroll

When first starting out, place smaller wagers even if you have a larger bankroll. This conservative approach will allow you to endure natural losing streaks when you misjudge the crash point. You can then increase your bets incrementally as you gain experience. Making high-risk max bets repeatedly is not a sustainable betting strategy. Manage your bankroll wisely and only wage higher amounts on strong crash point predictions.

Timing cash outs is critical to maximize payouts

Aviator allows you to cash out your bet before the plane crashes to lock in profits. Mastering when to do this is key to optimizing payouts. For instance, you may want to cash out quickly once multiples reach the higher end of their typical range. Or cash out halfway on bets with lower multiplier targets. Just chasing the highest multipliers frequently is risky. Learn to read patterns and cash out at opportune moments.

Avoid chasing high multipliers repeatedly

While the lure of huge payouts from high multipliers is tempting, restraint is needed. The plane rarely gets to extremes like x150 or higher. If you routinely bet on multipliers this high, you will often lose your entire stake. Have reasonable expectations on multiples and cash out at 3x-5x wins regularly rather than holding out unrealistically. The law of averages will defeat pure greed.

Employ betting systems like Martingale or Fibonacci

Implementing structured betting systems can help mitigate losses and squeeze out incremental gains over many rounds. With Martingale, you double bet amounts after each loss which allows you to profit whenever you finally win. Fibonacci increases bets after losses based on the Fibonacci sequence. This exerts control and reduces risk versus random bet sizing. Use these systems judiciously to enhance your long-term Aviator performance.

Aviator entices with the potential for big payouts but also carries significant risk. Using smart strategies around bankroll management, cash outs, expected multiples, and betting systems is crucial to succeed consistently. Avoid pure gambling tendencies of chasing extreme multipliers or throwing caution to the wind with haphazard bets. With experience, you can better predict crash points and lock in satisfying wins over time. But restraint and discipline are still required to profit on Aviator rather than just getting lucky on occasion.

Bet Responsibly Within Your Bankroll

While Aviator can be an exciting game with lucrative payout opportunities, responsible gambling is essential. Never bet more than you can comfortably afford to lose. Emotions and greed can cloud rational judgments during long playing sessions, so set budgets for yourself and take breaks periodically. Here are some tips for keeping betting in check:

Set a gambling budget based on disposable income

Only gamble using truly disposable income, avoiding dipping into rent, bills or essential costs. Review your finances honestly and allocate a fixed budget that will not impact your daily life when lost. This budget should be small enough that you could walk away permanently without issue if needed.

Divide bankroll into smaller session stakes

Whatever your overall budget, divide it into smaller amounts for each individual Aviator session. Maybe ₹4,150-₹8,300 per session depending on affordability. This makes each experience feel more contained. Emptying your whole bankroll into one session removes caution and control.

Cash out and walk away when losing a session amount

When you lose a session amount, cash out and walk away for a period rather than chasing losses. Accept temporary defeats as an inevitable part of gambling. Reflect on your play and bankroll management then return fresh. Never fall into tilt mode by throwing good money after bad.

Avoid combining funds to recover losses

When you exhaust your bankroll, do not add more funds right away just to recover losses quickly. This is a dangerous reflex that leads to overspending. Stick to your budget and accept some sessions will be losers. Refill your bankroll later based on affordability, not emotion.

Track spending carefully over weeks and months

Keep detailed records of your Aviator spending and performance. This lets you monitor trends and see if gambling is exceeding planned budgets over the long-term. Adjust behaviours and limits if needed. Gambling issues often develop gradually.

Responsible Aviator play means betting what you can afford, managing losses, avoiding chasing, and staying disciplined. Always keep the bigger financial picture in mind and have perspective. Never let gambling financials impair your overall well-being. Set smart limits, take breaks to clear your head, and stick to your budget over the long haul.

Use Software Features That Support Healthy Play

1win and Aviator offer certain tools and controls that enable responsible play. Make sure to take advantage of these features:

Deposit limits

Set a daily, weekly or monthly cap on deposits to control spending. These limits automatically block you from adding more funds once reached, adding a valuable brake. Don’t rely solely on your own willpower.

Loss limits

You can set a ceiling on the total amount you’re willing to lose in a session or day. Once hitting this threshold you will be unable to place additional bets. This prevents dangerously chasing losses when already down.

Reality check pop-ups

When enabled, these remind you of the duration of your play session and total spent so far. The reality jolt can prompt you to evaluate if you want to continue gambling further.

Self-exclusion options

For serious gambling issues, you can ban yourself from gambling on 1win for a cooling off period via self-exclusion. This gives you time away to assess your relationship with gambling.

Account history exports

Reviewing your full account history in a spreadsheet helps you maintain honest perspective on spending and whether you are sticking to affordable budgets.

Using such tools proactively keeps your play accountable and supported. Even if you have no issues currently, leveraging these features prevents future problems before they arise. Self-aware gambling backed by data is always wise.

Watch for Warning Signs of Problematic Gambling

No one sets out to become an addicted or problem gambler but it can sneak up over time. Be vigilant for any of these warning signs that indicate gambling is becoming unhealthy:

One or two of these occasionally after a bad loss is normal. But exhibiting many of these warning signs frequently means gambling is disrupting your life. The addiction has taken root. Avoid denial and address the issue head-on if you recognize your behaviour aligning with multiple factors consistently.

Get Help If Battling a Serious Gambling Problem

If your gambling feels completely out of control despite your best efforts, get professional help immediately. Many regain control of their lives after seeking treatment for gambling disorder. Here are options if battling addiction:

You can overcome problematic gambling with determination and support. Temporary exclusion at 1win also allows time to regain perspective. There are countless people who have walked your path before and improved their situation after seeking help. You can too.

Gamble Responsibly Overall

Aviator can be an electrifying experience when played responsibly within limits. But always maintain perspective and diligently watch for any signs of gambling becoming unhealthy. Bet with money you can afford to lose, steer clear of chasing losses, take breaks periodically, leverage built-in player protections, and keep gambling enjoyment as the goal rather than financial gain. If problems arise, get the support you need to regain control rather than wallowing in denial. Your overall well-being should always take priority over any form of gambling entertainment. Stay rational, bet consciously and play safe.

Where to Play Aviator

Aviator is a simple and fun game that is rapidly growing in popularity at online casinos. While the game may be basic, you still want to make sure you play Aviator at a reputable and licensed site that offers a secure playing experience. Here is an overview of where you can find and play Aviator online.

Look for Top-Rated Online Casinos

The best option for playing Aviator is at a top-rated online casino. Major sites like 1Win offer the game alongside thousands of other slots, table games, and more. When you play Aviator at one of these online casinos, you get:

So for a safe and rewarding experience, look to play Aviator at established online casinos like 1Win.

Try Aviator at Crypto Casinos

Aviator is also featured at many of the top Bitcoin and crypto casinos online. These sites allow you to play casino games like Aviator while depositing, playing, and withdrawing with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Crypto casinos offer the same benefits as traditional online casinos, along with:

Some well-known crypto casinos to play Aviator with Bitcoin include Bitstarz, FortuneJack, and 7bit Casino.

Check for Mobile Casinos

Many players like to enjoy Aviator on the go from their mobile device. If this sounds like you, look for mobile-optimized casinos that offer apps or instant play through the web browser.

The top casinos these days are either built specifically for mobile or have seamless app/mobile browser compatibility. This allows you to:

As long as you stick to reputable mobile casinos, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth and secure experience playing Aviator anywhere you want.

Use Caution with Newer Casinos

As Aviator grows more popular, new casinos emerge offering the game. While competition is ultimately good for players, use caution when playing at any casino that hasn’t established a solid reputation yet.

Brand new sites may rush to market without proper licensing, security measures, game fairness testing, and responsible gaming controls in place. It’s safest to give these casino “startups” six months or more to work out any potential issues before trying them.

However, if a new casino is operated by an established brand, it’s usually fine. For instance, if a company that’s been in the industry for years launches a new casino site, they likely will properly handle licensing, security, and other key factors from day one.

In any case, do some research before playing Aviator or any other real money games at newer casino sites.

Avoid Unsafe Options

Finally, there are certainly unsafe and even illegal ways to play Aviator online such as unlicensed sites, apps, or peer-to-peer games. These all carry major risks and should be avoided, including:

Always make sure any Aviator game, casino, or app you play is fully licensed and reputable. This ensures a fair and legally compliant experience.

The Bottom Line

Aviator is an exciting new game that’s gaining steam at top online casinos across the internet. For a safe and enjoyable experience, stick to playing Aviator only at licensed, regulated, and secure gambling sites. Avoid brand new casinos and anything unlicensed or illegal. This will allow you to enjoy Aviator to the fullest while staying protected.

How do I enter the 1win aviator game?

  1. Visit the official website of the bookmaker 1win.
  2. Click on the registration button and fill in the required fields with your information. Be sure to enter the correct data and use a strong password to protect your account. After completing the registration form, confirm your registration.
  3. Use your username and password to log into your 1win account. The login button is located next to the 1win registration button.
  4. Before you can play at Aviator, you will need to add money to your account. Click on “Deposit”, choose the payment method that is most convenient for you, enter the desired amount and click on “Confirm”. Complete the transaction on the page of the selected payment system.
  5. Once you have credited your account, start playing Aviator on 1win. Open the game, and you are ready to bet and enjoy the action.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

What is Aviator?

Aviator is an online casino game created by developer Spribe that was released in 2019 and quickly gained popularity among casino players. The game features a virtual plane that players bet on, with odds that increase exponentially from 1x up to 1,000,000x the player's bet amount before the plane crashes. Players must try to time when to "cash out" their bets to lock in the highest possible multiplier and maximize their winnings before the plane disappears. This creates an exciting risk-reward format not found in classic casino games.

How do you play Aviator on 1win?

To play Aviator on 1win, first register an account by going to 1win's website and providing your personal details like name, email, date of birth etc. Then make a real money deposit through the available banking options such as cards, e-wallets, or cryptocurrency. Once your account is funded, you can start placing real money bets on Aviator before the plane takes off each round. As the plane gains altitude, watch the multiplier increase exponentially and cash out your bets by clicking the cash out button before the plane disappears from the screen. If you time it right, your payout will be your original bet size multiplied by whatever the multiplier was at the time you cashed out.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in Aviator?

The minimum bet size in Aviator typically ranges from around ₹83 to ₹830 per round at most casinos. This makes the game accessible for casual players. The maximum bet amount varies but can go up to between ₹8,300 to ₹8,30,000 per round depending on the casino's set limits. High rollers can make large bets in Aviator with the potential for huge payouts at the right multipliers. But the higher the bet, the greater the risk if the plane crashes before cashing out.

What is the maximum payout in Aviator?

The maximum possible payout in Aviator is 1,000,000x the player's original bet amount. This occurs if a player bets even just ₹83 and manages to cash out when the multiplier hits the absolute maximum of 1,000,000x. At this point, their ₹83 bet would payout a staggering ₹83,00,000 windfall. Realistically, multipliers rarely get nearly that high, but any cash out in the thousands of multiples can deliver life-changing winnings from a small initial bet.

How does Aviator create fair results?

Aviator uses a certified random number generator (RNG) to determine the crash point for the plane in each round. This RNG churns out highly randomized outcomes that cannot be predicted or manipulated, ensuring provably fair results. 1win allows players to view the unique RNG seed used to generate the crash point on each flight. Players can verify these seeds match up with the crash points displayed on their end, proving the integrity of the results. So while based heavily on chance, players can trust Aviator's plane crashes are truly random.

Can you play Aviator on mobile?

Yes, Aviator is available on mobile at 1win through the casino's iOS and Android apps. These apps provide the full Aviator experience optimized for gameplay on smartphones and tablets. The mobile apps allow playing Aviator conveniently on the go. The graphics, controls, and features are designed for smaller touchscreens while still capturing the excitement of the desktop experience. As long as you download the official 1win app for your device, you can play Aviator anywhere mobile.

What social features does Aviator have?

Aviator contains social features like an in-game chat function for communicating with other players in real-time. This chat window lets players root each other on, discuss strategy, and share the emotional ups and downs. There are also live statistics that display key data on the current round's bets, cash outs, crashes, and top winners. Players can analyze these stats to detect patterns. A leaderboard showcases rankings of the top Aviator winners as added incentive.

How can you guarantee payouts in Aviator?

Aviator has an auto-cash out setting that allows players to guarantee a payout by choosing a multiplier threshold between 2x and 10x where their bet will automatically be cashed out by the system. If the multiplier reaches the preset level, the player gets paid automatically regardless of if the round continues higher. So enabling auto-cash out removes the need to manually time cash outs in order to secure a payout. Players can experiment with various multipliers to balance guaranteed wins against maximizing potential payouts.

What strategies help win at Aviator?

Smart Aviator strategies involve managing your bankroll wisely, cashing out bets at optimal times based on multiplier trends, avoiding chasing losses by accepting temporary defeats, and using structured betting systems like Martingale where you vary bet sizes in a controlled sequence. Other tips are to start with smaller bets, cash out early once multiples reach the higher end of typical ranges, and leverage the demo mode to practice identifying patterns before betting real money.

How do you bet responsibly in Aviator?

To gamble responsibly in Aviator, you should only bet affordable amounts, set deposit and loss limits, take breaks periodically to avoid marathon gambling sessions, avoid chasing losses or tilting when emotions run high, use built-in features like reality checks and self-exclusions if seeing warning signs, and keep perspective that Aviator is ultimately entertainment meant for fun, not financial gain. Responsible play means accepting losses, gambling within your means, and staying in control.

What are signs of problematic Aviator gambling?

Some common warning signs that Aviator gambling may be becoming risky or addictive include spending more time and money than intended, secrecy or lying about losses, borrowing funds to keep playing, irritation when unable to play, disregarding other responsibilities to gamble, chasing losses repeatedly, and continuing to play when trying to cut back. Exhibiting multiple signs frequently indicates issues.

Where is Aviator available to play online?

Aviator can be played at most top-rated online casinos that offer a variety of slots, table games, and other gambling options in addition to Aviator. These licensed sites like 1win provide a legal, regulated, and secure environment. Cryptocurrency casinos also tend to feature Aviator, allowing you to play using Bitcoin or other digital coins. Just make sure any casino you play Aviator at has a trusted reputation for safety and fairness.

Is Aviator available on mobile devices?

Yes, Aviator is widely available on iOS and Android mobile devices through casino apps and mobile-optimized websites. Top online casinos either build dedicated apps or ensure their platform is fully compatible with all mobile browsers. As long as you stick to reputable regulated sites, you can enjoy a smooth experience playing Aviator on smartphones or tablets. Just download the casino app or visit the mobile site to get started.

Should you play Aviator at brand new online casinos?

It's generally advisable to use caution when playing Aviator or any game at brand new online casinos that don't have much of an established track record yet. While new sites crop up all the time trying to compete, they may not have ironed out licensing, security, fairness testing, and responsible gaming measures, leaving players at risk. However, new casinos run by existing reputable operators are often trustworthy right off the bat. But less proven sites should be vetted over the first several months before trying them.


1win’s Aviator game provides an exciting new gambling option that combines elements of skill and chance for high stakes thrills. Its aviation theme and dynamic increasing odds create an engaging experience unlike any other casino game. However, with big rewards comes big risks. Players must be strategic in cashing out at the right moments to maximize payouts without losing entire bets. Proper bankroll management and restraint is crucial.

While Aviator’s exponential multipliers up to 1,000,000x tempt with life-changing payouts, greed and chasing losses will only lead to quick failure. Setting affordable loss limits, taking breaks, and maintaining perspective is key. Features like auto cash out and stats help exert control, but discipline ultimately lies with the player. Watching for problematic gambling warning signs is also essential. Although the casino provides some safeguards, players should utilize deposit caps, reality checks, and self-exclusions proactively if needed.

When enjoyed responsibly, Aviator delivers exciting and rewarding gameplay. But the line between entertainment and addiction is a fine one. Fun can quickly spiral into obsession fueled by the ever-present hope of hitting elusive huge wins. Aviator addicts must acknowledge issues openly and seek professional help. With determination and support, balanced enjoyment of this high-variance game is possible. But players must stay self-aware, bet consciously and play safe above all else. Casual thrill-seekers and hardcore gamblers alike should approach 1win’s Aviator with eyes wide open to its risks. In the end, your overall well-being is what matters.

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