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  • Expekt offers a diverse selection of betting options, encompassing a broad spectrum, ranging from sports betting to casino games.
  • The organization in question possesses a specialized infrastructure for customer support, thereby guaranteeing prompt resolution of user inquiries and concerns.
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Get your gambling fix at Expekt - this online hub’s got it all from classic casino games to live dealer thrills. Craving slots, blackjack, roulette? You name it, their casino section’s got it covered with a huge selection to choose from. But if you’re itching for that real casino rush, hit up their “Live Casino” where you can play favorite tables games against real dealers in real time. New players are greeted with a nice little “Welcome Bonus” too - score some extra playing money just for signing up. This bonus applies to the casino, live games, and even sportsbook. Based on their Swedish site, seems Expekt is aiming to be one of the top casinos for players in Sweden. Makes sense with the awesome variety of games and live dealer options. So if you’re looking to get your online gambling fix, Expekt looks ready to satisfy. With classic titles, live action rooms, and sweet bonuses, they’ve got something for every level and style of player. Get those chips ready!







Expekt Nordics Ltd


Swedish Gambling Authority




Swish Trustly


Swish Trustly


  • Expekt offers a diverse selection of betting options, encompassing a broad spectrum, ranging from sports betting to casino games.
  • The organization in question possesses a specialized infrastructure for customer support, thereby guaranteeing prompt resolution of user inquiries and concerns.
  • The mobile experience provided by Expekt is characterized by the availability of dedicated applications for both Android and iOS platforms, allowing users the convenience and adaptability to engage in betting activities while on the move.
  • Expekt frequently bestows promotions, bonuses, and special offers upon its users, thereby augmenting the overall quality of the betting experience.


  • Regional limitations may be imposed on Expekt, similar to other online betting platforms, as a result of licensing requirements or local gambling regulations.
  • Language barriers can pose limitations for international users as they may encounter difficulties accessing certain content, such as specific promotions or platform details, which are predominantly available in certain languages.
  • The stipulations pertaining to the bonus wager exhibit an excessively arduous nature.
  • The feasibility of filtering games based on the game manufacturer remains unattainable.


Expekt is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This licensing ensures that Expekt adheres to strict regulations set out by the MGA to provide a safe and secure gaming environment for its users.

Can Expekt be trusted?

Expekt operates under official licensing in certain jurisdictions, thus making it responsible for adhering to regulations and standards established by the respective licensing bodies.

Expekt Casino possesses a certain level of licensing, which ostensibly implies compliance with predetermined criteria; nevertheless, evaluations garnered from multiple platforms yield incongruous perspectives. In line with the nature of online platforms, it is advisable for prospective users to exercise prudence, conduct comprehensive investigations, and potentially commence with a modest investment to assess the platform’s functionality and suitability.

Expekt website

Expekt is an internet-based gambling platform renowned for its comprehensive sportsbook services and a wide array of betting options. Expekt facilitates wagering on a diverse range of sports events for its users. The platform encompasses prominent sports and provides users with a range of bonuses, favorable betting probabilities, and a mobile application for placing bets. The Expekt website is introduced through a cordial webpage entitled “Welcome to new expekt.” Expekt offers its services across various devices, guaranteeing convenience and ease of access for users, irrespective of whether they are utilizing a desktop or mobile platform. Expekt is an internet-based platform specializing in sports betting, providing a wide range of betting options. Numerous reviews and resources offer detailed insights; nonetheless, prospective users should diligently conduct comprehensive research prior to finalizing decisions.

Expekt casino

Expekt represents an internet-based gambling platform, comprising a distinctly dedicated section for casino activities. This section offers a range of casino games and slot machines, thereby ensuring that users are able to engage in a varied gaming experience. In addition to the conventional assortment of casino games, Expekt also provides casino-specific promotional offers, thereby augmenting the overall gaming encounter for its players. An illustrative promotion of note provides a welcoming perk to novel users, comprising advantageous provisions encompassing the casino, live casino, and sports betting segments within the platform. In addition, Expekt maintains player interest and involvement through its regular updates of casino promotions. In order to deliver a comprehensive user experience, Expekt facilitates the availability of a live casino section, wherein players can actively participate in real-time games accompanied by live dealers, thereby emulating the ambiance inherent in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. Furthermore, individuals contemplating the prospect of becoming members of Expekt’s casino division will have the opportunity to avail themselves of a generous casino bonus amounting to 500% of their initial deposit, limited to a maximum cap of €50. In its entirety, the casino section of Expekt endeavors to offer a comprehensive gaming encounter, intending to accommodate the requirements and preferences of both novice and experienced players.

Expekt live casino

Expekt presents a distinct section exclusively dedicated to the incorporation of live casino games, facilitating players to actively participate in real-time gaming alongside live dealers. This platform offers a wide selection of live casino games that cater to the entertainment preferences of enthusiasts. The site features a range of promotions aimed at attracting new users, such as personalized welcome bonuses for the casino, live casino and sports betting sections. These offers act as enticing incentives for individuals looking to engage with the platform. Expekt’s commitment to improving the user experience is also evident through their collaboration with Evolution Gaming, a prominent leader in live casino. This collaboration played an important role in the launch of Expekt’s live casino offering, thus ensuring exceptional live gaming experiences for players.

Expekt casino login

Accessing Expekt Casino requires a streamlined procedure. Registered users of Expekt Casino can conveniently employ their authentication details to gain entry into their individual accounts. In order for a user who has not yet created an account to obtain login credentials, it is necessary for them to undergo a sign-up process. The aforementioned procedure commonly necessitates prospective participants to furnish personal particulars, establish a unique username and password, and subsequently validate their account via an email or mobile number.

After successfully creating and confirming an account, users are able to gain entry to the Expekt Casino platform through the submission of their designated username and password on the login page. Ensuring the safety and security of an account necessitates the maintenance of secure login credentials.

In the event of encountering any complications in the login or sign-up procedure, Expekt provides a specialized customer support division to cater to the needs of users. This section offers comprehensive guidance and addresses frequently posed inquiries pertaining to the establishment of accounts, issues encountered during the login process, and additional related matters.

To users seeking supplementary advantages or incentives, it is advisable to verify ongoing promotions or bonuses currently available at Expekt Casino. This phenomenon has the potential to heighten the overall gaming encounter and deliver supplementary worth.

It is imperative to emphasize that, akin to all virtual gambling establishments, it is crucial for individuals to thoroughly peruse the terms and conditions prior to registering an account. Moreover, it is essential to uphold responsible gaming practices.

Expekt bet

Expekt is an electronic platform for gambling which offers users the possibility to engage in wagering activities encompassing an extensive range of sports disciplines and events. This piece of writing aims to provide comprehensive information regarding the activity of betting on Expekt.

Expekt provides a diversified array of betting alternatives characterized by varying odds. The platform offers users the opportunity to engage in live betting by utilizing real-time odds on ongoing events. Additionally, it also facilitates combined betting, enabling users to consolidate multiple selections into a single wager, thereby potentially maximizing their returns.

In order to attract and incentivize players, the platform offers a diverse selection of sportsbook bonuses. These bonuses have the potential to enrich the wagering encounter, thus contributing supplementary value for users.

The platform provided by Expekt exhibits a user-friendly interface that effectively caters to the needs of not only novice bettors but also experienced ones. The developers have implemented a user-friendly interface to facilitate efficient navigation and enable users to locate their desired betting events with ease. Furthermore, Expekt not only offers a desktop website but also facilitates a mobile application, enabling users to conveniently engage in betting activities while being mobile.

Reputation is an imperative factor when selecting a reliable platform to place bets upon. Expekt has received favorable commendations from multiple reviews, underscoring its established reputation within the online betting industry.

Expekt offers a comprehensive wagering encounter encompassing a wide range of options and bonuses. As a customary practice, individuals who anticipate engaging in betting activities ought to exercise due diligence in comprehending the inherent stipulations and prerequisites pertaining to various bonus schemes and wagering alternatives. Moreover, it is imperative to exhibit responsible betting behavior at all times.

Expekt odds

Expekt brings all the essential odds for sports bettors to the table. You’ve got your standard bets on individual games, so you can put money down on who you think will win. For live, in-the-moment bets, their live odds shift in real-time as the game unfolds. And if you want to raise the stakes, combined bets let you string multiple wagers together for a bigger potential payout.

Now the specific odds for each bet will vary. Expekt aims to be competitive with their odds, but it pays to shop around and compare odds across different sportsbooks. Gotta chase down the best value! To help you hunt for the hottest odds, Expekt offers an app so you can evaluate odds on the go - extremely handy for catching prime live bets.

The bottom line is Expekt serves up all the essential betting options - standard wagers, adjustable live betting, parlays, and mobile accessibility. Do your homework on the odds and teams, bet responsibly, and the possibilities are endless!

Expekt bonus

Expekt offers a range of bonuses aimed at both new and existing players.

Expekt offers a number of promotions specifically designed for casino players, in addition to sportsbook offers. For example welcome bonus: The promotion provides a bonus on a player’s first deposit with a maximum limit of 1,500 kr and 30 free spins. Players are advised to pay attention to the availability of bonus codes, which may be required to utilize some promotional offers.

Valid promotions can be found in the relevant section: for example, casino promotions will be in the “casino” section; sports betting promotions will be visible in the “sports” section, etc. Expekt offers a wide range of bonuses to suit the needs of different gaming segments. Players need to be vigilant and well-informed in order to effectively take advantage of these promotions.

Expekt welcome bonus

Expekt provides a range of welcome bonuses specifically designed for different gaming categories. In accordance with the expected terms of the Expekt welcome bonus for the upcoming year, several primary aspects have been identified.

Expekt’s welcome bonuses provide offers that cater to the preferences of both sports bettors and casino players. It is recommended for new users to read through the terms and conditions associated with each bonus to understand the wagering requirements and other relevant details.

Expekt withdrawals

Expekt Casino provides streamlined online payment services, with a particular focus on meeting the needs of Swedish players. The main payment options include Trustly and Swish. The platform partners with a wide range of both domestic and international financial institutions, ensuring a high degree of adaptability for its users. Among the available payment options, Trustly seems to be a leading choice due to its ability to facilitate fast playing and quick withdrawal of winnings for Swedish players.

The minimum deposit as well as the minimum withdrawal in Expekt is 200 SEK.

Expekt app

Expekt provides a mobile application designed for individuals passionate about participating in sports betting. The application is readily accessible on both prominent operating systems, specifically Android and iOS. The application titled “Expekt Live Sport Betting” can be obtained by Android device users via direct download from the Google Play Store platform. In contrast, individuals utilizing iOS devices have the ability to acquire the “Expekt: Sport Betting & Odds” application through the App Store.

The mobile application has been specifically designed to address the requirements of individuals engaged in betting activities, providing them with a convenient and user-friendly platform for placing wagers while on the move. Moreover, the application may comprise elements such as real-time wagering, availability of probabilities, promotional offers, and potentially additional attributes derived from customary functionalities observed in sports betting applications.

Expekt additionally advertises its mobile application on its official webpage and potentially provides distinctive promotional campaigns or features exclusively accessible to mobile app users. It is recommended that users familiarize themselves with the features and advantages of the application by procuring it via direct downloads from the respective online stores or by accessing the official Expekt website.

Expekt customer service

The customer support division of Expekt provides customers with three distinct methods of contact.

Reviews and user feedback

Sara Engström
I have been using Expekt for a few months now and my impressions are generally favorable. The interface is quite intuitive, so I found it easy to navigate. However, a couple of times I have not been able to find specific betting options as quickly as I would have liked. As far as I'm concerned, it's much more convenient to navigate bets in the app.

3.7/5 ⭐

Reviewed by


Expekt Review 2024: Online Casino, Sports Betting, and More

3.7 / 5

David Sundström
The Expekt mobile app is a handy tool for those who, like me, are constantly on the move. The app runs smoothly and rarely lags, although I have noticed it takes a little longer to load at peak times. Overall, this app is a reliable assistant for my sports betting needs.

3.8/5 ⭐

Reviewed by


Expekt Review 2024: Online Casino, Sports Betting, and More

3.8 / 5

Britt Bergström
The variety of games on the Expekt platform is commendable. I have visited both the sports betting and casino sections. While the sportsbook is very comprehensive and offers many options, I felt that the casino section could have had a few more games to choose from. It's a shame that there is no option to sort games by developer, this increases the time it takes to choose a decent game.

3.9/5 ⭐

Reviewed by


Expekt Review 2024: Online Casino, Sports Betting, and More

3.9 / 5

Viktor Vikström
Depositing and withdrawing funds with Expekt is mostly hassle-free. Transactions are usually quick, but I did experience a slight delay once. The problem was resolved after contacting customer support. Expekt customer service is notable for its reliability. I had a problem with a bet and the support team responded quickly. While they didn't solve my problem right away, they kept me informed throughout the process, which I appreciated.

3.5/5 ⭐

Reviewed by


Expekt Review 2024: Online Casino, Sports Betting, and More

3.5 / 5

Martin Ek
One of the highlights of my experience with Expekt has been their promotional offers. They aren't always the most favorable on the market, but they are consistent and it adds an element of excitement to my bids. Expekt's commitment to responsible gambling is evident. Their tools and advice are very helpful, especially for newbies like me. It's nice to know that they prioritize the well-being of players.

3.7/5 ⭐

Reviewed by


Expekt Review 2024: Online Casino, Sports Betting, and More

3.7 / 5


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What is Expekt?

Expekt is an online platform offering a range of betting services, including sports betting, live casino games, and more.

Does Expekt have a mobile application?

Yes, Expekt offers dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, allowing users to bet on the go.

What types of promotions does Expekt offer?

Expekt frequently provides promotions, bonuses, and special offers to its users to enhance their betting experience.

How can I contact Expekt's customer service?

Expekt has a dedicated customer support infrastructure. You can reach out to them through their official website or, in some cases, via email and phone numbers provided on their contact page.

Is Expekt a reputable betting platform?

Expekt has built a reputation in the online gaming industry over the years. However, potential users should always review feedback and ensure the platform meets their needs and standards.

Are there any regional restrictions for using Expekt?

Like many online betting platforms, Expekt might have regional restrictions due to licensing or local gambling regulations. It's best to check their terms of service or contact their support for specific details.


Expekt is a reputable online gaming platform which provides an assortment of betting opportunities encompassing sports betting and casino games. The organization has made investments in the establishment of a specialized customer service framework, aimed at addressing users’ inquiries and concerns, thus highlighting their dedication to ensuring a smooth and unhindered customer experience. Feedback on platforms such as Trustpilot and specialized review websites offer prospective users valuable insights pertaining to the level of quality in service provision by Expekt. Furthermore, the existence of proficient experts on platforms such as LinkedIn serves as evidence of the organization’s emphasis on adept and streamlined customer service. In general, Expekt appears to place significant emphasis on user satisfaction and the provision of customer support, rendering it a dependable platform for individuals passionate about online gaming.

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